Graduation and Goodbyes 🎓

It was 4th August 2014 (roughly!) when I first entered the gate of Engineering. I entered the college gate and it started raining (Clearly that was a sign⎯ 'you still have chance, don't go in there'), but even though I went straight to the classroom about which at that time I was not aware of, one friend (not really, just being polite) showed me and I entered the class.

About 40-50 unknown faces, 3 rows and around 20 bench and where I choose to sit? The last one (Old habbit, can't help). Neel (At that time we were knowing each other by just name because of same school) yelled "Ala tu ahiya?, Chal aapde pachad besvana", well that was comforting. You must be wondering what about Prerak aka Jeetu, right? He used to sit on the first one! (I know you won't believe this, and if you are faculty reading this, I am really sorry that he is one of us now!)

And it all started, days passed, those 40-50 unknown faces were part of daily life now! Labs, assignments, mid semesters, days celebration, industrial visits, birthdays, bunking classes and occasional studying. All these things made that happen. I would love to take a moment to Thank all those girls who wrote my assignments from time to time! Thank you!

Friendship isn't something you start with intention, it just happens, gradually! And when it happens, it is the most beautiful thing you could ever ask for.

— I wrote this. Not sure why and how.

I made friends in this duration, of course we all make friends, but not all of them stays forever! Because Forever is a long time! I know and I am glad that mine are going to be there. No matter how many times we fight, we can always count on each other.

We look forward to so many things but never to goodbyes! I know I am going to miss all these. But hey, 'kahin pohchne ke liye kahin se nikalna bahut zaruri he', no matter how hard we try to hold on, Life goes on! but the best is yet to come for all of us! And I hope wherever we are, we'll catch up whenever it is possible.
Until then,
Adíos amigos!
Bon voyage!
P.S. My email will remain unchanged forever, always feel free to contact.
1404 5010 7033