Karma And Happiness

It is a breezy sunday morning, with chances of rain 60% — weather prediction said and I believed, that's how easy I am. So, basically I was hoping to see some drops falling from the sky and lucky me, it did. Oh happy day! While having coffee, I read somewhere, "Karma and Suffering," and I was like, "Noooo! that's not the case always." And it got me thinking, in this era of social-media, I have seen "Karma Believer" on bio of 7 out of 10 profiles which I encountered back then when I was using social-media. I was not the fan from the beginning but had to.. anyway, not the main point, the point here is, little do they know the actual meaning behind this? Maybe many of them do, many doesn't. So, I decided to write my opinion about the same.

Karma is both —Reward and Punishment for Good and bad deeds respectively— I hear people saying, "I haven't sinned so much in my life, so why am I being punished?" Here is a thing, Karma is not about your physical actions, it is far beyond that. It also includes what we speak and think. The quote down here is not directly relateble, but ain't it just beautiful?

Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not.

— Oprah Winfrey

Another thing about Karma is, no one is immune to it. Whether you are wealty or destitute, religious or atheist, jubilant or despondent, old or young, you are going to get fruit of Karma. At least I believe so & I think at some point you will feel it too. When the Karma ripen, we have to bear the consequences — good or bad.

So yes, everyone may have different opinions about what, why, and how this is and I respect that, totally. Whatever it is, what I really need everyone to understand is, To err is human. The person facing bad consequences can be anyone, your beloved one, your enemy, a stranger you haven't met, literally anyone. So, all you as the next person can do is, try to mitigate the effect. Be kind. Comfort them with affection. Make them hot beverages. You don't need reason for such things to season. Do every possible thing which you can in order to lessen the effect on them. Afterall, To forgive is divine. Be happy and bring happiness around you. Peace.